PaD – Exclusive Insurance Facility

Over the past few years insurer’s ability to provide cover within the fire industry has been extremely limited and, whilst cover dilutions and premium escalations within some disciplines are understandable, for many organisations operating within this space the relationship between the fire industry’s problems and insurers reactions are neither obvious nor appropriate.

This ‘one size fits all’ approach has resulted in multiple organisations being unfairly associated with certain parts of the fire industry and, as the ‘Trusted Insurance Partner’ to the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), Consort recognised that it was inappropriate to categorise fire related companies, particularly those with third party accreditations, in this way and decided to do something to address this imbalance. Over the past few years Consort have been working hard to develop and evolve an informed insurance programme with A-rated insurers that enables ‘Best of sector’ fire related organisations to access appropriate, comprehensive, and competitive capacity. We refer to our unique insurance programme as PaD (Protection and Detection).

Given our intention to protect our exclusive capacity for the mutual benefit of our insurance partners and our clients, our PaD insurance programme is reserved for ‘Best of Sector’ organisations and is not an open market solution. Therefore, alternative insurance brokers do not have access to PaD and terms are exclusively available from Consort.

Exclusive PaD (Protection and Detection) Insurance Programme

Given the increased scrutiny surrounding the fire industry following several high-profile events, the Professional Indemnity and Contractors All Risks capacity within the insurance market has now reduced to the point where it is in undoubtedly distressed, this is evident in both the increasingly significant rating structure and cover endorsements being applied.

As a result of our expertise in the fire related space, and our deep insurer relationships, Consort Insurance have developed a unique insurance solution specifically designed for companies who have an exposure to fire risk. This is in the form of a tailored and robust insurance programme inclusive of Contractors All Risks with an A rated insurer and capacity within the Professional Indemnity market; we refer to this programme as PaD (Protection & Detection).

We are also seeing companies from other industry sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, and consulting being unfairly associated with certain parts of the fire industry, and subsequently being subjected to significant rate increases and wording endorsements that are ultimately detrimental to the business and Consort Insurance are focused on assisting all companies who have an element of exposure to fire risk.


As your business evolves, so should your insurances

Our ability to identify specific insurance needs, unique methodologies, and strategic placement approach, means that with Consort you can be confident that your insurance programme will be perfectly aligned to your evolving business needs; because as your business evolves, so should your insurances.

Consort are a fully licensed general insurance broker capable of arranging placement for your entire commercial insurance program. We offer a highly personal service where accuracy and accountability is at the heart of everything we do.

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