FIA – Fire Industry Association

Trusted Insurance Partner to the Fire Industry Association (FIA)

During the development of PaD, Consort have forged several positive relationships with various credible Fire Industry associations, membership bodies and stakeholders, including forming a firm relationship with The Fire Industry Association who are well respected in the fire industry as ambassadors for improving and supporting the fire industry and those who operate within it.

In April 2021, Consort were nominated to become the Trusted Insurance Partner to the FIA. This came about due to our involvement in wider workshop groups tasked with tackling some of the broader issues in the fire sector outside of insurance.

During our discussions with the FIA, we proposed an approach to facilitate cover for those that need assistance and educate their broader membership. This has already resulted in the development and delivery of three PI based webinars that have been designed to tackle misconceptions in the market and common questions the FIA are challenged with. We plan to deliver a quarterly seminar in this fashion, continuing to tackle the issues that the FIA perceive their membership would benefit on support from. More recently, the FIA have requested our involvement in additional workshop groups, including the Internet of Things which is a fascinating subject that will keep Consort at the front of learning for the fascinating new technology the industry is already starting to adopt.

Consort Insurance value this important relationship and work closely with the FIA to ensure that all members are kept up to date with relevant fire related insurance industry developments.

We recognise that not all ‘fire related’ companies are the same and should not be categorised in this way; particularly when their services are designed to help prevent the spread of fire, or when their fire related services make up only a small part of their wider service offering.

Consort Insurance develop regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) webinar presentations, some of which are hosted by the ASFP. An example being: ‘Building a Professional Indemnity Programme In Today’s Market’.

Our current CPD is entitled: ‘Efficacy cover – why it’s crucial for your insurance programme‘ and is scheduled for Thursday 30th November at 1:00pm. If you would like to attend, please use the form below or contact and we will send you the registration link. If you are unable to manage this date, please feel free to ask us about our next CPD.

Consort had a great time at the FIA AGM in London on November 10th. It was a great opportunity to hear from industry experts and to network with like minded individuals striving to improve the fire industry. We look forward to attending the FIA’s FIM Expos next year.

If you would like to meet with us before or during any of these events, please feel free to get in touch.


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